Sunday, 11 January 2015

A picture of the week


James and I stopped off at the Nordic Bakery for a coffee and cinnamon bun break yesterday in between pottering around London. It was jam packed, and the woman sitting behind me kept shoving her chair back into me, but the cinnamon bun made everything ok.

Is anyone else an apartment therapy fan? I am attempting their january cure - a month of tasks and challenges to help you clean, organise and improve your home. I'm not doing terribly well at keeping up with the daily tasks, but I did have a good clear out of the fridge and cupboards yesterday, threw out all the out of date food and cleaned all the shelves. It's a pretty good improvement already. 

One of the tasks this week was to walk round your house and make a list of all the tasks, big or small which are nagging at you to be done. Mine is a pretty big list, which I might share at some point, but for the most part highlight a need to spend money! There are a number of diys that have been on my to do list for ages, such as putting up shelves in the living room and tiling the hearth in the bedroom (step one, learn to tile!), but mainly it's areas where we just don't have enough furniture, or the right furniture. 

A decent shoe rack, a second sofa for the living room, lamps, storage, that kind of thing. I realise apart from a couple of large purchases such as the wardrobes, the living room rug, desk chairs and the spare bed we haven't really bought much since we moved in. We're still living with the same amount of furniture as we had in the flat. I don't have the money to rectify this all at once, but I think having a list has really helped me work out what the priorities are, so I can focus on them for the coming year.


Lily Lipstick said...

I love the Nordic Bakery! I gave my wardrobe a huge clear out this weekend and feel all the better for it. x

char said...

I'm definitely well into Spring Cleaning mode and this weekend took everything out of my crockery cupboards, washed it all and replaced some of it, but managed to part with some, too. I seem to just accumulate "stuff".

Laura said...

I have to go to the heart hospital a lot and the Nordic Bakery's cinamon rolls make it totally worth it! So amazing!