Thursday, 29 January 2015

Essie Colour Icons Review


My love of Essie nail polishes is well documented on this blog, they are my favourite high street brand of polish, and I think they last well and have some seriously gorgeous shades. They also do some cute gift sets, and I got this trio of mini polishes for Christmas.

This is the Colour Icons (Or Color Icons as this appears to be the original American formula, more on that later) which includes three of their most famous shades - Mademoiselle, Fifth Avenue and Mint Candy Apple. These are all shades I'd happily buy and wear individually, so this seemed like the perfect gift set for me.

My understanding is there are actually two ranges of Essie polishes - the original range used in Salons and available in the US, and the UK diffusion line, available in Boots and Superdrug. From the reviews I have read the diffusion line seems like it is far and away the better one, with the smooth application, nice thick brush and really long lasting formula. Unfortunately the above gift set was definitely not this formula, and is no where near as nice as the other Essie polishes I have. It chips after a day, if that, and has a tendency to look a bit streaky too.

I really love all the shades in this gift set, but I would definitely say steer clear, and buy these colours individually in the newer formula from Boots. They aren't totally horrific, and I will use them, but they definitely aren't as good as the other Essie polishes I have.


Sherin said...

These colours look great. The red looks like it'll look great.

Kimberlee said...

So cute! Sucks that the formula isn't that great though :/ Candy Apple is one of my favs