Sunday, 4 January 2015

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. This home isn't my style, but it is stunning 2. I have so enjoyed Style Slicker's Seoul visual diary 3. Best job ever? 4. An amazing resource for make up storage. Why oh why don't we have the container store in the UK?! 5. This photoshoot is amazing 6. Christmas is over but a good book gift guide is useful all year!

Happy New Year! Time to blow some cobwebs off the old blog and get back into it I think. I always feel more inspired after I've had a holiday, and some time to gather my thoughts rather than getting to Sunday night and thinking 'argh, I have to blog something this week!' So hopefully there will be some interesting posts coming up this month, at least!

We hosted a party for New Year for twelve of our friends, which was just lovely. Neither James or I are particularly good at that sort of thing. I get stressed and insist we need seventeen lists and a spreadsheet for everything, and James tends to leave everything to the last minute, but between us we did a good job I think. We had a pretty low key spread of homemade pizza and salads, and one of our friends, Katie made an amazing salted caramel chocolate cake for dessert. The cats were seriously concerned about there being so many people in the house, but they dealt with it by hiding behind our bed until everyone left the next morning, and making occasional salvos out to walk over my face in the night!

Not the best night's sleep, but not a bad start to the year either!


duck in a dress said...

I noticed just before Christmas, Home Bargains were selling very similar clear make-up cases for only £4.99. Might be worth a look if there's one near you? :-) xx

laura said...

Happy new year Harriet! x

Hayley said...

Amazon also has a good collection of the clear acrylic storage, but I wish we had the Container Store here as well!