Thursday, 22 January 2015

Music in January


Here are four albums I've had on repeat this month.

1. Taylor Swift - 1989. Of course. I held off buying this in case James got it for me for Christmas, as I've been obsessing over Shake it Off for ages. I ended up buying the vinyl from Amazon because I am a massive hipster, and for every physical vinyl/cd you purchase they also give you a digital copy as soon as your order is shipped, so you get the music a couple of days early. Favourite song so far? Welcome to New York and I Know Places.


2. Sohodolls - Ribbed music for the numb generation. I bought this ages ago when one of their songs was featured in Gossip Girl. A significant proportion of my music collection is stuff I own purely because it was in a tv show when I was a teenager/early 20something. I recently rediscovered it and am loving it for perking up my commute. Favourite songs are Bang Bang Bang Bang and 1724.


3. Pink Floyd - The endless river. I bought the cd for my dad for Christmas from Amazon, so I ended up with the digital copy for myself due to the aforementioned scheme. Win-win! Its really lovely chill out music, and reminds me of the music my dad played in the house when I was growing up. Lots of Pink Floyd and Mile Oldfield on repeat!


4. The Aquadolls - Stoked on you. I downloaded this after Zoe featured them on her Female Fronted Artists to watch in 2015 list. She said Aquadolls had a Beachboys vibe and I was sold. It's a nice breath of summery California air on a cold January day. I do think some of the songs I find hard to relate to because I am old (Guys Who Sk8 and Tweaker Kidz? I don't even know what that means!) but there are also some fab tunes like Don't Mean Jack and Our Love Will Always Remain which I love.

What have you been listening to this month? Do you have any recommendations? As you can tell I like primarily uptempo pop-y female fronted artists, and Pink Floyd!


VV Nightingale said...

I've really been loving Taylor Swift recently, especially Blank Space. I love the direction her music has gone in.

Lily Lipstick said...

Taylor Swift is my guilty pleasure! x

SJ said...

I resisted the Taylor Swift hype for such a long time, then I listened to 1989 on 8tracks – I actually really enjoyed listening to the end tracks where she explains how and where her inspiration came from. I'm a big Beach Boys fan so might have to give Aquadolls a listen :)