Monday, 12 January 2015

New bits around the house


We've bought a few new bits for the house over the past few months, and I spent a considerable amount of the holidays arranging things and getting them just so. The biggest purchase was the John Lewis Sonoma day bed above, for the spare room. This was not cheap (Now that I think about it, it is probably the most expensive thing in the house!) but I love love love it. We had it downstairs in the living room over Christmas for extra seating for guests, and then I made James help me carry it upstairs to its final resting place in the spare room, nearly killing ourselves getting it up the very narrow stairs in the process. For some reason whenever I carry heavy awkward things I always get the giggles. Many is the time I have collapsed in hysteria in the Ikea car park. James was not impressed when I repeatedly nearly dropped the thing because I was laughing so much!

I've not slept on it yet, but I have spent many an hour lounging on it reading or on my laptop. It's quite firm so it makes for a great all purpose surface, I can quite easily rest my coffee cup on there without worrying about spillages. It's fantastically well made, I love the way it looks, and it makes the spare room into another really useable space.

I also picked up the above lampshade from John Lewis for £15 in the sale. I struggle to find nice modern looking lampshades which don't cost loads, or aren't too big, as our ceilings are not very high, so I snapped this one up when I saw it. It's in the spare room at the moment but I may swap things around at some point.


A couple of Etsy purchases for the living room. These cotton ball fairy lights were from icandylighting, and are a definite step up from the fake polystyrene coals in the fireplace before! I shamelessly stole the idea to put fairy lights in the fireplace from what katie does and I love how they look. These were very cheap, so they took a few weeks to deliver, and I hadn't quite anticipated they would come unassembled, but the end product is not bad for the price.

The Nikki McWilliams Custard Cream Cushion has been on my wishlist for ages, after seeing it on a few blogs. I already want more biscuity cushions - maybe the pink wafer or Tunnock's caramel... We changed up our sofa covers as well (we have the Ikea Karlstad) from the Isunda grey covers you can see here to the Korndal Dark Grey covers. While I loved the original covers we got, the cats also loved them a bit to much, and the mixed colours in the weave showed their scratch marks so badly. I hated looking at them. We swapped them for the plain dark grey cover, and it's much better. The cats still scratch but it doesn't show up nearly so badly. We also swapped out the original wooden feet for the Karlstad metal altenative feet they sell, which I like much better too. It makes the sofa look a lot more expensive than it was.


Finally (because this post is epically long already) a quick free upgrade - I finally got some of our books out of the loft and arranged them. The shelves on the right hand side are in the kitchen (you can see them in situ here) and while they are an awkward shape and position that will eventually go when we redo the kitchen, I figured we might as well make the most of them while we have them. The little bookcase on the right was my great-grandmonther's and I've had it ever since she died about fifteen years ago. In my bedroom tour you can see it was in the fireplace, and just held a few random things I didn't have places for. I finally got it out of the fireplace (too dusty!) and arranged some books and other bits on it. This little corner is one of my favourite places now.


char said...

Oh Harriet, it's looking great! I love the day bed and also the fact that you like to move things about. I do the same, in fact i love this time of year because it's perfect for spring cleaning and rearranging furniture.

Katiecakes said...

Love this, everything looks great :)

Katie xoxo

Sherin said...

I am obsessed with your day bed. I have something similar in my room and it's so comfortable to lounge and read on.

Maria Fallon said...

Your house is beautiful and I am in love with that daybed!

Maria xxx

jennie said...

Love the lights in the fireplace, so simple & they look perfect! <3 xo