Monday, 23 February 2015

eFrame Review


One of my resolutions this year was to take more photos with friends, and although I am still working on that, thanks to eFrame I now have a bit of inspiration to keep me getting the camera out. They asked me to review their custom framing service, which allows you to upload your photo directly to the website, design your frame and voila, it arrives in the post ready to hang!

I love how easy digital photography makes it to take photos. I'm old enough to remember when you still had to give your film in at Boots and hope for the best, but I am definitely guilty of letting my photos languish on my hard drive or in my phone too often these days. Wanting to actually give my photos an airing is part of what keeps me blogging, and instagramming too!

Having said all that this photo obviously has me in it, so it was actually taken by Reda (thanks Reda!) late last year on our Bristol extravaganza with my lovely school friends. We went on a graffiti hunt down Gloucester Road, drinking excessive amount of coffee and eating cake as we went! We are spread all over the country these days, so its rare we are all in the same place, which makes this photo that bit more special.

The framing service itself was super easy. There are clear instructions and it takes you through all the options, and shows you what they will look like on your picture, so it was easy to see what my photo would look like framed up. It also tells you if the quality and resolution of the photo will work for the size of print you have selected, which was really helpful as this was a phone camera photo, and I would have been so disappointed if it had arrived and been all fuzzy and pixelated. As it was I was able to resize it, so the print looks perfect.

Getting a custom framing done is obviously a pricy option compared to just picking up a premade frame from ikea or similar, but for something special it's worth it, and I would definitely use eFrame again.


Helen said...

I'm so glad I read this! I recently ordered a frame of a phone print from another reputable printers who focus on Instagram prints, but there was no quality control process and so you'd assume they had things sorted. The image didn't print well at all and I"m trying to see if I can get my money back. This looks like a MUCH better process :) Thanks for sharing!

char said...

Oh yes, I remember posting off my films to a company and waiting for them to be posted back. Usually at least half of them were just thumb prints.

Winnie said...

Oh gosh I am so guilty of not taking nearly as many photos of friends any more. I need to change this as I'd definitely love to have more pics of friends in pretty frames!

Maria Fallon said...

This is lovely! Mark and I have been slowly printing more photos off and he has some beautiful landscape ones that would be perfect for this!

Maria xxx