Sunday, 1 February 2015

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Love this idea for a mac and cheese party! 2. This glimpse into a vintage home is so gorgeous 3. This photoshoot is dreamy 4. And ts houseboat looks amazing, although I can't help but wonder about the dusting it must require! 5. Bri's closet makeover is fab - so organised! 6. This house looks so peaceful.

It's been a bit of a bad week - I spent two days in bed so sick. I always get ill around this time of year - I think my body is saying enough winter now, lets stay in bed til Spring. Luckily I made it back to work on Friday, to clear out my inbox (78 unread emails, urgh!), as I'm having a long weekend this weekend, as James and I are off to a spa this afternoon! 

I have been to a spa once before, and James never, so this is a fairly new experience for us - I will report back! I think James is probably more excited than I am. We got a good deal, and it seemed like the perfect end of January treat. I just hope the snow that's been making its way across the country doesn't spoil our fun! We got a little dusting this morning but not too much so fingers crossed the trains are all still running and we can make it there (and back!) ok.


Jane said...

Ah hope you're feeling better and that the spa is relaxing!

Mac and cheese party is GENIUS however I'm not sure if my friends and I could ever be that neat haha.

laura said...

I hope you're on the mend now lovely, every one is poorly at the moment! x