Thursday, 26 February 2015

Midi skirts for short people

hat - urban outfitters, scarf - dkny, top - uniqlo, skirt - miss selfridge courtesy house of fraser, shoes - faith at debenhams

For ages I was convinced I was too short for a Midi skirt. I used to stalk them online, but it was too depressing when you'd look at the details and discover the model was 5 foot 11 and the perfect midi on her was definitely not going to work for little old 5 foot 2 me. Recently the petite ranges in the high street have caught on however, and I've gone a bit nuts over them.

This particular number is from Miss Selfridge, kindly sent to me from the House of Fraser petite collection. I admit this outfit is not terribly different from this previous midi skirt outfit, but when I find a style I love I tend to rebuy it over and over! 

I read recently (I can't actually remember where!) that when matching skirt length to heel height an above the knee skirt works with a low heel, but a knee length or below skirt looks best with a high heel, so I put on my tallest shoes for this one. I think they may have a point, particularly when you are on the short side already. Which means if I am going to keep buying longer skirts I need to get a few more pairs of heels into my arsenal!


Sherin said...

I've always been a bit weary to wear midi skirts too because of my height. This one is so pretty - really love the heels you paired it with.

laura said...

That skirt is the perfect length on you, such a chic outfit x

Katie Deacon said...

A midi skirt and a bardot is my go to outfit for work in the warmer months. I'm counting down the days till I can break them out of the wardrobe again!

You look fab!! That top is too damn cute!

Katie xoxo

Jane said...

Ooh great shoes! I have no good shoes for my midi-skirt so it doesn't get worn often, sadly.

Lily Lipstick said...

I love this outfit. I've never even tried on a midi-skirt - always thought that they were one of the (many) trends that I was too short for! x

Maria Fallon said...

I love this, you are inspiring me to find a similar skirt for work!

Maria xxx