Sunday, 29 March 2015

A picture of the week


Hello, my name is Harriet and I am obsessed with my slippers. Oh-em-gee these things are comfy!

I mentioned before that I got a few cheques for my birthday, which was a total surprise as I wasn't really expecting any presents beyond something from my parents and James. My old slippers were looking pretty worse for wear, and given I have terrible circulation and am incredibly cheap with my heating, they are something I wear every day. I've been gazing covetously at my sister's Ugg slippers for a while, and she really rated them for warmth and longevity, so I indulged and picked up these babies on Friday.

My feet feel like they are encased in clouds! I pretty much haven't taken them off all weekend. They were not cheap (£80), and it does seem like a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a pair of slippers, but oh I do not regret it for a second. I am pretty sure I have already convinced the rest of my family to buy themselves a pair, as I cannot stop going on about how good they are! The one piece of advice I would give if you are thinking about them yourself is to go up a size, as there is so much fluff in the slippers, my foot didn't even fit into my regular size.

Now excuse me I need to go sit and wiggle my toes for a while...


City Girl's Fashion Box said...

They look heavenly! There's nothing more delightful than slipping into a pair of slippers after a long day at work #granny!

Joana said...

These are so cute and look so so comfy. Love!


jennie said...

They look so cosy <3

Lily Lipstick said...

These look so cosy - and still so needed despite it being "spring"! x