Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Love the style of this shoot, and the fact the model looks really grumpy! 2. This house is perfect 3. As is this one 4. A collection of lovely videos 5. This pizza looks epic 6. A brilliant guide to East London from Kristabel

This weekend has been a little slice of perfection. James has been away on a stag do, and while I obviously love having him around(!), having some time to just be by myself has been lovely. A chilled Friday night in front of the computer, eating junk food from the freezer, followed by a deliciously sunny Saturday spent brunching with Becca and Reda (more on that later in the week!) and just sitting and feeling the sunshine on my face.

I am definitely a bit of an introvert, and while I absolutely love spending time with people and being sociable, I also really need time by myself to recharge my social batteries. I had three networking events this week in the evenings, and while they went fine (well, apart from one where one of my bosses caught me sneaking out when I'd just had enough... oops!) it was too much for me all in one week. I've never been one of those people who has something on every single day, and loves to be around people 24-7 - I need some down time. Having time to clean and organise my house, write the week's blog posts and chill with a book or netflix is an essential part of my weekend.


laura said...

I hope you enjoy your much needed chill out day- I'm trying to have one myself :) Love these links x

Maria Fallon said...

Chill out days are the best! I have a few busy ones planned so have been making the most of a lazy(ish) weekend this week!

Maria xxx