Sunday, 22 March 2015

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. brilliant inspiration for my leather jacket hunt 2. Can you believe these are dolls house furniture? So perfect. 3. This house is a perfect mix of country and modern 4. Jen has some great tips for London on a budget 5. One day I will make it to Stockholm, but for the moment Sandra's guide will have to do 6. Cookbooks to help you save money

Happy Sunday! I am looking forward to a four day week this week, as I've taken the day off on Friday to spend it shopping with my mum. Can't wait! I'm on the hunt for a new leather jacket, after my cats shredded the sleeve on my beloved topshop biker jacket during their clawing phase. I've had the jacket for about 5 years, and got good wear out of it - pretty much every weekend it came out with me through spring, autumn and winter. The right leather jacket is something which just looks better with age though, so I am sorry to see it go.

This weekend we went to the wedding celebration of a friend from work on Saturday, which was fun. She's much much more hip than I am so I was a bit concerned we'd totally stick out like a sore thumb, but everyone was lovely, and there was a good crowd of accountants to hang around with!

Today James' parents are coming down for a belated birthday celebration, so there will be more cake - hurrah! I think that finally marks the end of our birthday celebrations though, time for the cards to come down now alas

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