Thursday, 5 March 2015

Morning After // Night Before with Tokyo Laundry

outfit 1 - top courtesy tokyo laundry, skirt - american apparel, bracelet - vintage,

A couple of weeks ago Tokyo Laundry offered to send me a couple of pieces of knitwear, which given how freezing it has been recently was just what I needed. I have quite a few big jumpers, which are great for throwing on top of everything else when I am cold, but I was looking for some more fitted woolens which would look a bit less like I was just wearing every single item I owned in an attempt to stay warm.

I ended up picking the Paloma jumper in black, which is a more dressy jumper with floral cut outs in the sleeves. I wore this to cocktail making and dinner for my friend Amy's hen party on Saturday evening. I wasn't staying on for the evening as I had to head home, so it was the perfect jumper for a nice dressy afternoon/evening. Thesecond item I picked was the Reya Whortle Berry jumper in dark denim which I am afraid to say has become my new hangover jumper! Or at least my slobby-weekend-but-actually-looks-nice-enough-to-wear-out-of-the-house jumper! It's probably my fave of the two. It feels so comfortable, but it actually looks reasonably smart and fits great.

Both jumpers look much nicer in real life than they do on the website, and I think Tokyo Laundry are missing a trick by not including shots on models on their website, as the fit and colours are lovely and you don't really get a sense of their shape on the site. I haven't washed them yet, but the fabric feels really nice and soft, and although they are both very reasonably priced, I am hoping with decent care they will last well.


laura said...

You can't beat some decent knitwear! These are lovely pieces Harriet! x

Matthew Pike said...

I associate their stuff with big logos and what not so this was a nice suprise.

Buckets & Spades

Maria Fallon said...

These are gorgeous!

Maria xxx

Carey Martin said...

Love this!

Sherin said...

The jumpers look perfect for this weather. I really love the second one.