Monday, 23 March 2015

Reupholstered chair


Ahhh - isn't she pretty?

This is my baby - an Eames (original, I think) chair, which was recently returned to me from the upholsterer, looking good as new with a gorgeous new grey wool seat.

To begin at the beginning, I bid on a pair of similar Eames chairs in an auction nearly 2 years ago, and not quite knowing their worth my bid was way under what they ended up selling for. I was a bit disappointed, but you win some, you lose some, and a couple of months later my dad turned up at the door with this beauty, from another auction he had seen online. Thanks dad!

She was a lot worse for wear at the time, as you can see below


The seat was coming apart and the fabric was old and stained. For a few months my poor chair was relegated to 'the cat chair' and so ended up covered in cat hair as well! Insult to injury I know, sorry chair. I finally got around to contacting upholsterers in January this year, and found The London Chair Collective who were super friendly and really reasonably priced. 

I chose this grey bute fabric, because although I liked the yellow it was before, I figure the grey is more versitile, and so if in future I move the chair around my house it will go with whatever room it is in. When I mentioned my cats Carol, the upholsterer who worked on my chair was able to make a brilliant cat cover, which is just an elasticated slip cover in the same fabric, but it means the actual seat is protected from fluff and little claws, which is a huge relief given how much they tend to claw my other furniture.


In total the work cost £250 + fabric cost, and about £150 for the chair itself. Not a cheap buy, but in total I don't think it is dissimilar from what you would pay in West Elm or John Lewis for a decent chair, and I absolutely love it, so for me it was worth the investment.


Kim said...

Its very beautiful!! You will never lose a penny of that investment. Fab colour :)

Matthew Pike said...

it worked out well in the end didn't it, bet you're so pleased.

Lily Lipstick said...

Wow, such a difference! It looks great! x

jennie said...

So lovely and very much worth the investment! xo