Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Brunch Bunch


I mentioned in my Sunday post that I spent much of my Saturday enjoying the sunshine with Becca and Reda. Becca lives in Glasgow so we don't often get to see her, and I feel like whenever I meet up with my school friends we all have so much to say that we are just talking non stop over each other to get it all out! It's such a great friendship to have.

We went for brunch at Caravan in Kings Cross, which I have been wanting to try for a while. Of course like any trendy place in London now you can't book, but we arrived at ten and got a table straight away. A few times during our meal I saw a bit of a queue build up but never a huge one. Kings Cross used to be such a no-go area of London when I was growing up. Even when I was at college there a few years ago the most exciting it got was a Pret and a Nandos, so it's really nice to see it being regenerated.

But back to the food. The brunch menu at Caravan is awesome. I usually go for something safe like a full English or pancakes or something, and they do have a few 'normal' brunch foods, but it is just such an exciting menu why would you pick those?! I had a pumpkin waffle with baked ricotta, maple syrup and pecans, and Becca had a Kimchi pancake with pork belly and a fried duck egg. Reda went for the Jalapeno corn bread with fried egg and black beans. It's brunch, but not as you know it.

All of them were incredibly pretty to look at and even better to eat! My waffle was utterly delicious and really filling. My only slight complaint was perhaps it wasn't as warm as I would have liked, probably due to the massive open space the restaurant is in, meaning it probably took a while to get from the chef to me! 

Including a couple of rounds of coffee, tea and a virgin bloody mary for Reda it came to a not crazy £18 each, including service. If you can drag yourself out of bed for it I would highly recommend a trip.


Joanna. said...

Goddamn that waffle! Yearning for lunchtime now, though my sandwiches are not quite as appealing :)

Annie said...

oooh I've heard great things about Caravans and all these sound lush, particularly that pumpkin waffle!

Rachel said...

I love Caravan for brunch, and that waffle looks fantastic!

Kelsey said...

Wow- brunch there looks amazing. One to add to my list for sure.

Dizzy Tea said...

I'm on a major catch up afternoon session on your blog. Have you changed your came/lens lately? The photos look brilliant! x

Lily Lipstick said...

That waffle looks so good - I love Caravan, their coffee is one of my faves! x