Monday, 27 April 2015

A List

Say something that you are proud of, but you never get the opportunity to brag about: I got a promotion last week :) As of 1st May I will go from being an assistant manager to a manager at my job.

What are your frequently used emojis? 


What did you do last night? I went for dinner at Smiths of Smithfield with my family for my dad's 60th Birthday. We went to the top floor restaurant and it was Amazing. Beautiful views over East London and such good food. It felt really special, but at the same time really relaxed and calm. 

An image that symbolizes this day: Watching the runners in the London Marathon from the bottom of our road in the rain.
 What did you have for breakfast today? Porridge, cooked to just the right consistency, with a teaspoon of honey.

What is your lucky number? I don't have one. When I was a child it was 10. 

How did you like the eighteen year old? I had a lot of hair and wore jackets.

What is your last purchase? Tickets to Bristol for next weekend to go see my friends :)

Are you allergic to anything?
Not badly enough to give anything up!

How long have you been without sleep the longest?
Was awake for about 30 hours on my way home to London from San Fransisco. My friend Kat was with me and had a fear of flying and kept kicking me to keep me awake, when I tried to sleep! Thanks Kat...

What time do you wake up in the morning?
James' alarm goes off at 6.20, I put my pillow over my head and press snooze til 7ish.

How do you see yourself most often in everyday life?
In a mirror selfie.


A word that you'll never manage to spell correctly:
I always type too fast and get the letters in the wrong order! If not for spell check all my psots wuold be splet liek thsi!

List borrowed from Sandra.


Rachel said...

Congrats on the promotion!

Matthew Pike said...

promotion, well done!

Buckets & Spades

SJ said...

Congrats on the promotion Harriet! x