Thursday, 16 April 2015

An ode to the leather jacket

jacket - jigsaw, skirt - topshop

This is what my birthday present from my parents ended up being. I'm pretty much in love. A leather jacket comes pretty high on my wardrobe staples list. I bought my old leather jacket about 7-8 years ago from Topshop, for an eyewatering £100, which for student me was an insane amount to spend at the time. I remember wearing it to lectures on the first day I got it with a denim skirt and a breton top, only to find my best male friend at the time was literally wearing the exact same outfit as me (well, jeans instead of a denim skirt) - a seriously mortifying moment!

I wore that jacket pretty much every day to uni though, and every weekend except in high summer once I started work, so the £100 turned out to be an excellent investment. It would have lasted me a fair few more years if I hadn't come home to find one of my cats hanging from it by its claws one day last year... the sleeve was absolutely shredded! I could have cried!

Given it had a good life though, it did give me a bit of an excuse to go shopping, which led me to this beauty in Jigsaw. Jigsaw is a shop I am going to more and more at the moment. It is great for work clothes, and although it's not cheap the majority of what I have got from there has been great quality. This jacket was a bit more than £100 (I'm choosing to blame inflation!) but I am hoping it will prove as good an investment as my last one. Kept safely away from the kitties in my wardrobe now of course!

I went for a grey-blue colour as opposed to traditional black as it looks a bit more unusual - softer and more feminine,  but still neutral enough to go with everything I own. I really hate the term 'buttery soft' but in this case there is not really any other way to describe it. I keep forcing my friends to stroke my arm - it's just so soft!


Kelsey said...

I've actually just a had a mini break at work to look at leather jackets. I never know if I should get one or not.

fritha louise said...

The colour is lovely! Definitely a worthwhile investment. I've had my leather jacket for about six or seven years now too, maybe even longer. I bought it with the first money I made from my blog and it seemed crazily expensive at the time, but cost per wear must be tiny now!

Vintage Reflection said...

That is defiantly a great investment buy! Looks amazing on you!

Matthew Pike said...

My friend works for Jigsaw, I really nice their stuff. The men's section doesn't have as much but worth checking. I was just in their magazie you know!

Buckets & Spades

StephDreamsBlog said...

Oh I do love a leather jacket! Just gorgeous xx

Sherin said...

I love it when an expensive piece of clothing gets some good wear!
I love a good leather jacket. They're surprisingly versatile. Love how you wore yours.

SJ said...

Aww man, I'm very jealous – I foolishly sacrificed my old leather jacket in the move and now I'm on the hunt for a new one, which seems never ending!

Jennifer Adam said...

Awesome jacket,you look fabulous.

I love it .