Thursday, 23 April 2015

Blue Suede Shoes


When Duo offered to send me a pair of shoes for spring my initial thought was they were not for me. I knew them as a company specialising in wide fitting shoes, and having freakishly narrow feet (I struggle with any regular shoes which don't have an ankle strap or laces to keep them on my feet) it seemed like a company which would not be a good fit - pun intended!

However a quick trip to the website made me realise they also offer a number of narrow fitting shoes - my holy grail - and I quickly fell in love with these pretty blue Malin loafers. They arrived last week, and I took them out for a spin on the weekend when James and I had a classic 'date night' - dinner and a movie in Greenwich. Safe to say I am very happy - they fit beautifully, the colour is gorgeous, and they make a plain old jeans and breton outfit look that little bit more special. I can definitely see myself investing in a few more of the Duo narrow fitting shoes in the future.


Joana Gomes said...

Aw the flats are soo cute


laura said...

I LOVE duo! These are gorgeous x

Sherin said...

They're so cute. I really like the colour. I've never shopped at DUO but going to check them out now.