Sunday, 5 April 2015

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. This photoshoot at salvation mountain is epic 2. At a wedding recently I had a very long discussion with another gust about slow cookers and was pretty convinced I needed to buy one. Bookmarking thse recipes for when I actually get around to it! 3. I love the colours in this Spanish home. Not a fan of the Mao poster though 4. These miniture drawings and paintings are stunning! 5. I am collecting city guides obsessively at the moment, hoping to plan a trip somewhere in the summer. Kristabel's Barcelona guide is awesome 6. I've never lived alone apart from a few brief weeks one summer in uni, and I've always slightly fantasised about the idea, even though I think I'd get lonely pretty much straight away

Happy Easter weekend! Hope you are getting a smidgen of sunshine and enjoying some time off! Our weekend is fairly busy - we saw friends on Friday for a long lunch and then coffee and rubix cube solving lessons (?!) at my house. Saturday we say my family and met my cousin's little baby Mollie for the first time. What a cutie. Then today we are heading down to Oxford to see James' parents for the night, before heading onwards on Monday to a wedding in the Cotswolds. 

I have taken the rest of next week off to recover! 

Have a great weekend xx


Nadia said...

Definitely get a slow cooker! I love mine and it means you can come home from work to dinner already cooked :)

Maria Fallon said...

You definitely need a slow cooker, they are ace!

Maria xxx