Sunday, 19 April 2015

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. the monsters of Sofia 2. to Sophia Loren's villa in Italy 3. These tiny cinemagraphs are perfection 4. when in doubt add cats 5. blue is my favourite colour 6. I have become ballet obsessed lately

Happy weekend! This week felt endless at times, after my Easter Holiday and two four days weeks suddenly having to make it from Monday to Friday felt impossible! Bring on the May bank holidays already please!

I had my first book group on Thursday night - unfortunately only three of us turned up! We had a good time though, drank too much wine and discussed everything from work to politics and a bit about the book we had read in between! On Friday I had drinks at work to celebrat a colleague's promotion, where I may have agreed to attend a ballet class with someone, who I later found out went to ballet school instead of normal school as a child... I last went to a ballet class when I was eight so I might just be a little outclassed!

This weekend James wasn't working on Saturday (he now works 2-3 Saturdays in the month) so we celebrated with a date night - and went to GBK for dinner followed by A Little Chaos at the cinema. Kate Winslet & Alan Rickman in a period drama - perfection! It takes me back to the 90s and Sense and Sensibility and all the period dramas I loved then.

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Lily Lipstick said...

The monsters of Sofia are so cute! Agree that this week felt super long at times - 5 working days is so much harder than 4! x