Monday, 20 April 2015

Make Up Lately Three


This is the makeup I've picked up and been using lately. It probably represents what I've bought or been given over the past three months or so, with the exception of a few repeat buys which I haven't included as you will have seen them a million times before.

Make up is definitely a shopping weakness of mine. My mum is forever berating me for going shopping and coming home with nothing but nail varnish! I'm no beauty blogger so I am trying to avoid the temptation to buy lots of the same thing (nail varnish and lipstick are definitely the biggest temptation for me) but to stick to looking at my collection and only buying things to fill gaps.

Anyway on to the products! From left to right:

Nivea Sensitive Day Cream and Night Cream I always seem to come back to Nivea for skincare. It's what my mum uses so it was what I was brought up with, and I always know I am going to get a decent product for a very affordable price. It isn't a very trendy brand, but I've tried so many expensive products and really not seen any more improvements on the budget highstreet brands, so I am sold on these two.

Too Faced Teddy Bear Powder Brush For a good few months I owned powder but no powder brush, so this brush definitely filled a gap. The Makeup Alley reviews were good, and I loved the design so I ended up asking for this for Christmas. Thus far no complaints! It's great for all over face powder, picks up the right amount of product and is really soft. Plus no stray bristles so far. 

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection - Tapered Blush Brush This was definitely a bit of a whim purchase, mainly because these brushes are so damn pretty! They are much more expensive than the original collection - this was £24, which is more than the original Core Collection which had four brushes. I tend to use this style of brush a lot though - for powder, blush and concealer, so my excuse is I will definitely get use out of it. Thus far I really like it. I'm sure you could get something just as good for better value, but equally it is pretty and I don't regret the purchase.

Seventeen Stay Time Concealer I think I have had one of these in every Make Up Lately post so far! It's a great concealer for shadows and dark circles, and this plus mascara is what I wear on a no-makeup-but-I-have-to-go-out-somewhere day. Plus it is really cheap!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation This foundation has been featured (and loved) by pretty much every beauty blogger I follow, and I can see why. Again it is really affordable, has a great consistency and coverage without being over the top. Alas even the lightest shade (light vanilla) is a teeny bit too orange for me, and as I don't tan ever I don't think even in the summer this will work for me. I'm using it up at the moment but I don't think I will repurchase, although I really want to.

Essie Nail Polish in Cute as a Button I couldn't not sneek a nail polish in! Essie are definitely my fave brand, I find them really nice to apply and long lasting. Cute As A Button is definitely going to be my spring shade, it's so pretty and bright but not too bright.

No. 7 Stay Perfect Mascara Another repurchased favourite, and the only mascara that doesn't give me panda eyes. I went to buy this from one Boots, but they have them just out on the floor and they only had a couple  in stock, which weren't in any plastic wrapping or anything. I am probably being overly fussy (I think the shop assistant thought I was!) when I asked her to see if she had a fresh one in the drawer, but I just didn't like the idea another shopper could have opened and touched the makeup I was about to put on my eyes. I had to go to another Boots in the end to find one that was fresh out! Is this ridiculous or sensible? I can't decide!

Valentino Valentina Eau De Parfum This was a Christmas present from James and is one of my favourite perfumes. I am using it sparingly! The bottle is just the most beautiful thing, and I love having it sat on my dressing table.

Bourjois Java Rice Powder I have wanted this powder for a while, mainly for the packaging I will admit, which is based on the original packaging when Bourjois was first founded in 1863! This is a slightly shimmery powder and a little difficult to apply (I cannot figure out the best way to get it out and on a brush without making a mess!) and following reviews I tried it out as a highlighter on my cheekbones and down my nose and chin. At first I didn't really see anything close up, so I sort of ignored it and went about my day. I kept glancing at myself in mirrors though (I'm vain like that) and thinking 'wow, I look really well today!' and it took me a few times to realise it was the powder! It gives a really nice healthy glow to the skin, without being at all obvious. Definitely a thumbs up!


HazelxJoy said...

How funny, I always go back to Olay because that's what my Mum and Aunt always used - back when it was Ulay - and still do.
Re the mascara - sensible, can't be too careful when it comes to your eyes.
Java rice powder is now on my want list.

Bette on Toast said...

I'm another who uses the same day/night cream as her mum always did - Boots No 7 here! Brand marketers are fighting a losing battle!

I use (and live) the Bourjois Java Rice too - I twist the thing so that only half the holes are open, then tap it once or twice into the lid, then dip and swirl my brush around the lid. Then onto my face! Repeat as necessary. (I whack it all over rather than using as a highlighter)

Lily Lipstick said...

The powder sounds great - and so is the packaging! x