Thursday, 30 April 2015

Spring/Summer Shopping List


It has occurred to me that I am something of a binge shopper. I can go ages without buying anything and be perfectly happy, and yet as soon as I start spending I suddenly need to have all the things. Stuff. Things. Clothes. I need them all. Give them to me!

I am pretty good at not giving into the shopping monster within, and I don't go too crazy too often, but I decided to write a shopping list for the next few months, to make sure that I was directing myself to the things I actually need, rather than just mindlessly spending money.

1. Light spring coat (John Lewis Pink Trench Coat)

I rather stupidly got rid of all my coats in a fit of 'everything is worn and broken and looks terrible' without actually buying anything to replace it first, so it's going to be a cold spring if I don't hurry up and buy a coat! My old trench bought in 2011 had a ripped lining and frayed sleeves so it was definitely time to get rid. I like the idea of a pink coat to add a bit of colour to my spring wardrobe.

2. Grey cardigan (Uniqlo merino v neck)

I get through cardigans like no ones business, and the stock is low at the moment after a few shrinkages-in-the-wash and left-on-a-plane situations. Periodically I just go to uniqlo and pick up a few to replenish my wardrobe, and a trip is very much needed! I am thinking grey, and maybe some colour as well.

3. Black Jeans (Levi Demi Curve Straight)

Now I know my preferred jean style (Levi's demi curve straight leg) and have worked out the perfect fit, I am keen to get a few more pairs, as I tend to wear them pretty much every weekend. The price (£80 a pair) means I won't be exactly going mad buying loads, but the ones I own have worn really well, so I think a black pair are next on my list.

4. Underwear

Enough said? I recently had a bit of a clear out of my underwear drawer, threw away a lot of old, worn out things, and now I need some replacements.

5. Sunglasses (& Other Stories) and Sundress (Uniqlo)

Also known as the things I live in when summer rolls around. The screw keeps falling out of my current sunglasses, so I think they need replacing, and a sundress that is smart enough for work but also doesn't look out of place at the weekend is pretty much my ideal item of clothing.

Another item of clothing where I am in serious need of some replacements, as everything I own is from primark and has gone to holes. I'm pretty fussy about sleepwear, it's got to be pjs, shorts for summer and cuffed hems for winter, always with sleeves, and as soft as possible. M&S pretty much win for me every time, and I love their Rosie for Autograph collections each year.

What is on your spring/summer shopping list?


Jenny K said...

I love the trench coat - I want a new trench coat after I somehow dropped the belt of mine in the hospital the other day. I went back and looked for it and everything!
I also need new PJs -for a time I only had three pairs. That was one at each place I was living. Which worked really well for packing light while travelling between them, but also involved very organised laundry timing too!
Jennifer x
Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

Katy G said...

That pink coat is gorgeous! I've been looking for a trench coat recently, I want one with a hood - surprisingly hard to find! x

jennie said...

Such a beautiful coat <3

Maria Fallon said...

That sundress is perfect!

Maria xxx

Sherin said...

I need it to be summer so I can wear SS looks. Loving that coat. Perfect for this transitional weather.

Lily Lipstick said...

I love Uniqlo's cardigans. I think I'm a binge shopper too, I can go for months without buying much and then suddenly I can't stop! x