Sunday, 17 May 2015

A picture of the week

Aaaah doesn't that look good?

Possibly to you it looks like a perfectly boring and ordinary fence, and a pile of dirt, but to me it is a thing of beauty. If you rewind back to August last year, the garden looked like this with a lot of junk which we gradually removed, and an old and decrepit fence which had seen better days a long time ago. Over the winter the fence situation got a lot worse, and eventually the majority of it was lying in our garden, and we were seeing rather more of our neighbours than either of us really wanted through the gaps!

Fences are difficult things, because even if you get on with your neighbours as we do, you are still having to make a decision about something both of you will have to look at for the next 20 years, not to mention decide who pays. Our house deeds were amazingly unhelpful, as it said the right fence was owned by us, the back was unknown, and was completely silent on the left fence. Meanwhile our left hand neighbours' deeds said that all their fences were shared, so we ended up with responsibility for 2.5 fences.

I took the path of least resistance and paid up, so our left hand fence was built by our neighbour, and we paid half, and then this weekend James' brother, dad and cousin came down and built the other two sides, boarding the right hand side on our neighbours' side so they got the nice bit to look at. 

The result is we have three completely different fences in the garden, and paid for the vast majority of it, but hopefully kept happy neighbours all round. Looking at them now I do sort of wish they matched a bit more, but ultimately I think once we have some plants and furniture, and maybe paint them all one colour, I won't really notice the fence itself. 

It is making me want to make steps towards actually finishing the garden though, which has been low down my priority list until the fence became impossible to ignore. The plan is to tile over the concrete, and have some big planters, maybe a few climbers up the fence, and a couple of deck chairs. Low maintenance and maximum enjoyment.

Step one is to talk my dad into helping me move the debris to the tip though!

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