Sunday, 31 May 2015

A picture of the week


In a couple of months it will officially be two years since we bought our house, and the attic is still stuffed to the gills with things we moved in with and have never unpacked. My plan for the summer is to finally start sorting some of this out, I've even bought the Marie Kondo book which seems to have taken the Internet by storm recently, to help me get started. I'd like to do a massive car boot sale, but alas I don't have a car, so may need to work up the courage to borrow and drive my parents' car (I haven't driven in a very long time and I'm pretty nervous to go back to it).

On Thursday I did persuade James to help me get up into the loft (I am too short to reach the loft ladder by myself) and happened upon the component parts of an old Ikea book case, which we'd taken apart when we moved and never put back together. It's originally supposed to be twice the height it is here, but I wanted something lower for my shoes to go on, previously kept in a heap in the corner of the floor in the spare room, so we did a mini Ikea hack - taking the top and the bottom and making a little shoecase! It's not as stable as the full bookcase used to be, but the shoes are light and we don't let the cats in this room so I'm not too worried about the risk of it toppling.

It's also done wonders for improving the way the spare room looks, as its been starting to become a little bit of a junk room, which I am trying to avoid. These are just my 'special' shoes - for going out only. My everyday shoes are still in a pile in the living room waiting for their own shoe-drobe. I've ordered this Casper Bench from Made but its not due to be shipped til August, so they will have to wait a bit longer before they get their own home.

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