Sunday, 10 May 2015

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Beautiful florals 2. Tree house love 3. I love this bright cosy home 4. Take Courage shows off her spare room 5. Wishwishwish's guide to Tokyo. Sigh. One day. 6. I love simple delicious meals like this

Happy Sunday! After a weekend away for the bank holiday last weekend in Bristol visiting my old university friends, and a new friend in Kate's beautiful baby Noah, I am enjoying a couple of days to get life back on track this weekend. Cleaning, chores and pottering about the house are the order of the weekend, with maybe a trip out somewhere locally for lunch today if the weather holds. 

It's also been good to get back into a blogging routine as my posts have been a bit sporadic of late. I had a great first few months of the year where I was managing to keep up a posting schedule of three times a week, but I've had a bit of inspiration drain recently, so it's been more hit and miss. When I started out blogging this was very much a fashion blog, and an outfit posts blog, and while that suited me at that point in my life, and brought in a lot of readers, I'm enjoying posting more of a variety now. I think having a niche is definitely better if you want to increase your readership, but I'm much happier and have much more to say just posting a bit of this and that and what I feel like.

I'd like to get out and about a bit more and do more London posts, as well as a bit more around the house, as that's what I enjoy reading and writing about, but my house renovation moves very slowly, and I still get nervous taking photos in public. Oh well, getting over that fear is my aim for the summer I think!

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