Sunday, 24 May 2015

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. Love this bohemian modern house 2. the best straw hats for summer 3. spring cookbooks 4. a trip to the tulip fields 5. London's best rooftop bars 6. all about white paint

Long weekend ftw! On Saturday I got my hair did and did a bit of shopping in Westfield, and today my parents have kindly agreed to help us clear up all of the fence rubble and take it to the tip. Operation Garden continues!

I think the rest of the weekend will be a pretty chilled one. Next weekend James and I are going on a little impromptu trip so we haven't planned much for this weekend. Maybe if the garden clearing goes well it might be time for a proper bank holiday weekend garden centre trip to look for some pots and plants though! The excitement of the fence has got me itching to get the garden a bit more habitable. I am thinking of going for a bit of a daring colour scheme and painting the fence black. I'm obsessively pinning pictures of gardens with black walls to my garden ideas pinterest board, but I'm still slightly nervous about the idea. With lots of greenery I think it could look fab though.

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