Monday, 11 May 2015

Living Room Tour


Remember over a year ago when I posted my living room mood board? Well a very long time later I finally got around to taking some photos of how the living room is looking now. I have a pretty haphazard approach to decorating, and most of the rooms in our house are part done. I always think 'I'll take pictures after I've finished' but on the basis that probably won't happen until we come to move out, I decided to just get on with it.

We live in a Victorian terraced house, which originally had 2 rooms upstairs and 2 downstairs. Sometime in the 80s or 90s the two rooms downstairs were knocked together, and an extension for the kitchen and bathroom was added on the back. This left us with a massive living room, which we used the photographed side as a proper living room, and the other half, which is very much not photo ready, as a study/cat stuff room.


You've probably seen most bits in the living room before. The sofa is the Ikea Karlstad with dark grey covers and the metal feet which are available separately. The custard cream cushion is from Nikki McWilliams and the grey cushions are from House of Fraser. The quilt was from M&S a long time ago and has travelled with me for a long time!

Most everything else is vintage. I've talked about my Eames chair before, bought at auction by my dad, and the midcentury tv stand from ebay. I still need to do something about all the cables. The coffee table is also vintage from an auction, and the chest in the window is the perfect cat perch and I've had it since I was a child. It now holds spare bedlinen and duvets.


The picture above the sofa is one you may remember from the blog. I had it printed and framed by eframe, and I am so happy with how it came out. They offered me the option to try their printing and framing service for free a few months ago, and I was so happy with the outcome I have gone back and purchased more with my own money. The mirror over the fireplace I got from a vintage shop in Crystal Palace, and my parents hate it but everyone my age loves it - go figure. 

On the fireplace are assorted bits and bobs - a box inherited from my great grandmother, a ton of candles, wedding invites and thank yous, the rosewood elephant from my trip to India last year and two Japanese mugs which I got as a thank you for organising a Martial Arts seminar in University. Quite the eclectic mix!

There are a few more things I'd like to get sorted in the living room - I really need to do something about all the random cables, and I'd like to get a lamp or two, as the only light at the moment is one rubbish overhead light bulb, and maybe change the blind. But other than that I am pretty happy with the living room. It's never going to be perfect - it's quite dark and usually has shoes and bags and post all over it, but it's comfy and cosy and suits us and the cats perfectly.


Jane said...

It's looking so good Harriet! I loved seeing this after you posted bits and bobs you were picking up for the house.

Maria Fallon said...

This is gorgeous, I love all of your little knick knacks!

Maria xxx

Matthew Pike said...

You guys have made it into a lovely space.

Buckets & Spades

SJ said...

It looks like a great space – I want custard cream and jammie dodger cushions so badly but I think I'm banned from introducing any more cushions to the sofa :)

Elise said...

Ooh what a lovely room, and the cat staring out the window is too cute ;)