Thursday, 7 May 2015

Music this month

Someone linked me to this study recently, which says people stop listening to new music on average by the age of 33. I am definitely one of those bringing the average down, as I pretty much stopped listening to new music when I left university (2009, sob!). Honestly I think illegal downloads were pretty much responsible for my music taste, as without friends emailing me mp3s saying 'try this', music communities on Livejournal, or randomly picking songs on Napster to download I have definitely fallen into a musical rut.

I am 100% legal in my music purchasing now (it honestly never occurred to me in those early days I was doing anything wrong, as if I liked them I bought the album, and if I didn't I deleted it....!) but somehow Spotify and iTunes Genius just don't get me, man!

In a bid to sort of half get myself out of my rut (and teach iTunes my tastes!), I have been buying the latest albums of the people I listened to in my teens, which explains this month's listening.


1. Barenaked Ladies - Grinning streak. The Barenaked Ladies were on every movie and tv soundtrack when I was at school and I absolutely loved them. This album is a perfect slice of nostalgia in that I can't say they have moved on massively since their early albums but this provides more of the same, which lets face it, is exactly what I want. Bouncy indie-pop with a slice of depression.


2. The Be Good Tanyas - A collection. I went through a huge female singer-songwriter phase The Be Good Tanyas fitted my folksy, alt-country lady music phase perfectly. They are so relaxing to listen to, the whole album leaves me feeling mellow and happy.


3. Stars - No One is Lost. Stars are probably my favourite band ever, discovered through an accidental Napster download. They have a bit of a Belle and Sebastian vibe, but I prefer them, somehow I feel like the songs have a bit more variety and interest to me. Not that I don't love B&S to bits as well.


4. Little Jackie - Queen of Prospect Park. Little Jackie had a brief moment of fame for slagging off Amy Winehouse (while she was still alive, so it's not quite as bad?!) but if you can get past that I absolutely love love love them. They are a cross between rap and pop, and are fantastic for running to, and just generally getting up and dancing around the house. I have listened to their first album 'The Stoop' approximately a million times, so it's probably about time to branch out.

Are you a new music lover or do you stick to the same bands you liked as a teenager? What is in your headphones at the moment?


Matthew Pike said...

Barenaked Ladies, gees that does take me back! Can you even illegally download music these days? I never hear of that now.

Buckets & Spades

SJ said...

I know what you mean about getting out of the habit of listening to new music. I always found BBC 6Music pretty good for that but also through posts like this – I think you recommended the Aquadolls on your last round up who I now love :) The Be Good Tanyas sound like they/she might be right up my street. x