Thursday, 4 June 2015

A Trip to Margate


Through a slightly random set of circumstances both James and I ended up having a couple of days off at the start of the week, and rather than spend them at home probably playing computer games and tidying the house (both enjoyable activities to be fair!) we ended up taking a little impromtu trip to the seaside.

We ended up in Margate because I've wanted to go for ages, the Turner Contemporary art museum is there, and I read Take Courage's guide to vintage shops in Margate and that really sealed the deal.

We stayed overnight from Sunday to Monday, at the Crescent Victoria hotel which was lovely. Beautifully decorated, comfy beds and a great breakfast. 24 hours is probably enough to see everything there is to see in Margate at a sedate pace. I think any longer and you'd want to explore the surrounding towns and maybe take a bike and see the coastline.

It's a traditional seaside town, a mix of really run down areas abandoned when the British seaside resorts fell out of fashion, and cute little independent shops and galleries, who have taken advantage of the cheap rents and sprung up throughout the old town.

For eating and drinking we had an epic lunch at the Great British Pizza Company, and then afternoon drinks at the Lighthouse bar, right at the tip of the pier. We visited all the little shops, including my favourite Paraphernalia, and the Danish Collectibles which had some gorgeous furniture. The urge to run away to the seaside and open an antiques shop is strong!

We also saw the Grayson Perry exhibition at the Turner Contemporary museum, as well as popping into the Margate Museum and the Shell Grotto (very cool!).

If you are looking for a nice little seaside town to spend a day in I would definitely recommend Margate. Excitingly the long closed down Dreamland - one of the oldest amusement parks in the UK is getting a new lease of life and reopening in just a few weeks, so hopefully that will help continue to regenerate the town and bring more visitors to the area.

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Sophie said...

Ah Margate is on my long list of places to book a day trip too!