Sunday, 14 June 2015

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. The animals are moving in! 2. Love this house 3. It's summer lets make ice lollies 4. healthy food bowls 5. salads 6. and pretend we live in Paris

I feel like this weekend has been a bit of a waste. I was supposed to have a bathroom fitter come over on Saturday morning to give us a quote, but he never showed, and then I was due to go to a barbecue with friends but came over really light headed and headachey, and so ended up cancelling. Womp womp.

Instead I spent most of Saturday laid out on the sofa scratching a cat between the ears and watching The Queen of Versailles on netflix. When I watched it I had no idea that the eldest daughter had recently died of a suspected drug overdose. It just seemed like such a sad family, who just didn't quite get what reality and normal life is for most people. It was originally due to be a documentary about the Siegel family building the largest house in America, modelled on the Palace of Versailles, but when the 2008 recession hits you see them lose their access to borrowed money which kept them and their timeshare business afloat. Overall I felt sorry for them, but most sorry for all the Siegels' employees let go during the film.

Anyway, here's hoping today will be a little more productive!


Lily Lipstick said...

I've had an unproductive weekend too - had my wisdom teeth out on Friday so thought I'd get loads of my to-do list ticked off while stuck inside but Netflix has been pretty much it... that show sounds interesting, will have to check it out and could do with one of those ice lollies! Hope you're feeling better today! x

Maria Fallon said...

Lazy unproductive weekends are the best, and so necessary sometimes!

Maria xxx

Katie Frank said...

I love the ice cream link! <3 yum!