Monday, 8 June 2015

Vintage Finds

vintage 1vintage-2

James and I went to Oxford this weekend for his uncle's 60th birthday, and while we were there his parents mentioned a new little antiques/vintage shop had opened up only a few minutes walk from their house. This is enough to make my ears prick up, but James' dad is not one to pay over the odds for anything, so when he said it was very reasonably priced I knew I needed to get down there sharpish!

The ship is Gilt and Grain and if you are ever in Oxford I highly recommend a trip out to Cowley to visit. It's not a massive shop but its got a lot of lovely bits and bobs crammed in it, and it is both decent quality and cheap. Some large pieces of furniture, loads of mirrors and pictures and a lot of little pottery and knick knacks. I could easily have come away with a lot more than I did (I'll be back litle shop, don't you worry!) but I picked up this little seascape for £7.50, and the little ceramic dish I am going to use as a candle stand for £1.50. Not a bad little haul for under £10.

They also had a load of terracotta flower pots and a few other framed pictures that caught my eye. Apparently the stock turns over pretty much every few weeks so it is probably buy now or regret later.


Maria Fallon said...

That seascape is beautiful and very atmospheric!

Maria xxx

Peacock's Hat said...

It's so bad that I've lived in Oxford for over two years now and I haven't been to Gilt and Grain! To be fair I only figured out where it was recently (whilst on a driving lesson!) but I really must go sometime soon!

VV Nightingale said...

That seascape is gorgeous! :) I love finding vintage finds - one of my childhood toys was an antique and it remains one of my favourites.