Sunday, 26 July 2015

A picture of the week


I picked up a trio of new beauty bits recently. From left to right - a new waterproof eye-makeup remover from Mac - my stalwart for removing hardcore liquid eyeliner, Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation (I like but the colour isn't quite right), and The Body Shop Argan Oil handcream - smells so good!

I feel like I've done a lot of shopping recently. No big hauls but a lot of little trips which have ended up in quite a few new things. I ordered a few things for the house online as well, over a few months but they all arrived last week and my living room is now full of cardboard boxes! It's a good thing it's payday next week then...

Other than that not much to report. I went to dinner with my friends Rosie and Kat last night, and given they don't live in London their one requirement was 'somewhere we don't have to queue to get a table!' I can't help but agree this obsession with not taking bookings which seems to be everywhere in London drives me nuts. I just want to turn up and sit down and eat, not stand in a queue for an hour to get a table! After scratching my head for a bit for somewhere that wasn't Pizza Express (nothing against it, just didn't fancy it this time around!) I remembered Kazan, which is an old favourite we've not been too in ages. Perfect!

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Maria Fallon said...

I know what you mean about payday, this month has been lethal!

Maria xxx