Sunday, 5 July 2015

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. A folksy home in San Fran 2. Amazing wallpaper inspiration 3. Advice on hanging a gallery wall 4. I love this whole collection 5. You had me at 'gin' 6. I can never get enough of ballet photos 

Today is my mum's sixtieth birthday, Happy Birthday Mum! My boss asked me last week if we were throwing a party for her and I said 'um, I think she is throwing a party for herself!' None of the rest of my family are super into parties. I much prefer a smaller gathering of just close friends and family to a massive blow out, but my mum is the opposite. So I think she knew if she wanted a party she was going to have to organise it herself!

So we spent last night in my parents' garden with about eighty people (thank goodness the weather was good - I don't think they would have fitted in my parents' house!), which was lovely. So many people I have known all my life. The best thing though was when we had enough we just tootled off home, and left everyone else to it!

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Katie Frank said...

Third photo is so unique <3