Monday, 27 July 2015 order


I ordered a couple of things from Made recently, which arrived last week. The lamp was on express delivery, and in the sale (yay!) and the bench I ordered back in June. You pretty much accept when you order from Made that unless it is on express delivery, it could turn up any time, so I haven't ever ordered anything I really needed, like a sofa or a bed from there, it tends to be bits and bobs.

The Casper Bench is in a difficult to photograph spot that is quite dark, so forgive the not amazing quality photos. It provides a much needed dumping ground for bags and shoes when we get in from work (previously a heap on the floor), and will also work for extra table/seating space when we have people over. It feels really solidly made, and didn't involve any assembly, which was a big plus, but it came with sooo much packaging, we've been having to slowly get it all in the bin over a number of weeks!

The Cohen double lamp looks like it is sold out now, but you can still get the single Cohen Floor Lamp one. This didn't seem quite so well made as it took a bit of jiggling about with the lightbulbs to get them to work, and initially when we didn't have energy saving ones in there the lamp would get really hot and then start to flicker. Using LED bulbs seems to have solved the problem though, but I was initially a bit worried we'd have to send it back. Because the living room is quite dark, we often have lights on in the day, and I like having just a couple of lamps on instead of always the overhead light or nothing. It feels much more cosy!

Generally though I have been pretty happy with all my orders. I feel like I am slowly getting the living room to look how I want it to. I still need to. I am still contemplating a second sofa/loveseat to act as a sort of room divider, and I need to get the study half of the room sorted, with some shelving, and maybe a second rug, but it is getting there.


Matthew Pike said...

That lamp is a beauty, so is the one with just one shade on it too.

Buckets & Spades

jennie said...

Ooh the bench looks so lovely, pretty colour! xx

laura said...

I have seriously got furniture envy right now!

Alina said...

What a lovely room, loving the lamp and subtle colour scheme – I’d easily have that it my home.
Alina from The Fairytale Pretty Picture