Sunday, 16 August 2015

A picture of the week


Here is a picture of what I purchased in Amsterdam (other than food and museum tickets!) We didn't do tons of shopping, but we popped into Hema on the recommendation of Gh0stparties and I went a bit crazy over their cute stationary and homewares. I picked up two notebooks, two rolls of washi tape, and a little kitchen pot (which nearly got me into trouble at the airport as the scanner could not see through it. Ironic that the security guards had to search my baggage for (a) pot on the way back from Amsterdam!) 

We also browsed the American bookshop while we were there, and I ended up buying this book on paper craft in the sale. I have this idea that when I move jobs in a couple of months I am going to have all this spare time, and I am suddenly going to turn into an amazingly crafty person... Something that has yet to happen in my 28 years! Hopefully starting with a book of crafts that only involve paper will at least stop me spending £££ on craft supplies I am never going to use!


laura said...

I love Hema, I am forever asking my Dutch relatives to bring stuff over when they visit! x

Clémentine said...

I love Hema too! Lucky I live in Belgium... Good luck with the crafting!