Thursday, 13 August 2015

Amsterdam Day Two


On our second day in Amsterdam (and last full day) after a breakfast from a local bakery, we had planned to go to the Van Gogh museum, but the queue was horrendous. They are building a new entrance but for the moment it was just a mass of people so we abandoned that plan, and instead went to the nearby central museum shop and bought timed entry tickets for the next day, complete with queue skipping priorities, win! I would definitely recommend this if it's a top priority for you to go, as it was for us.

Instead we decided to go on a canal cruise, and had a much more relaxing morning sailing round the main canal loop in Amsterdam, taking yet more pictures of Dutch gables and canal boats! We finally made ourselves get off the boat at the Nine Streets, which is the boutique shopping area filled with little independent shops. I had some pretty epic Carpaccio for lunch, and then dragged James round all of the shops, until we were in dire need of an afternoon snack, and headed to the North end of the Jordaan to Winkels, for a slice of their famous apple cake and whipped cream. SO good!

James picked the restaurant this evening and we went for pizza at Eatmosphera. The food was amazing, but what we didn't realise until we were happily eating away on a table outside and the lights started going on around us that we had strayed a bit further away from the pretty, traditional areas and into red light territory! It was too early for us to get much of a window show with our dinner thankfully!

All the restaurants we visited were pretty busy, but they were all able to squeeze us in without a reservation, although it often seemed like we took the last available table. I'd definitely make reservations if I went back again.

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Lily Lipstick said...

The food all looks amazing! Amsterdam is definitely on my list! x