Sunday, 9 August 2015

Lazy Sunday Links

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1. 24 hours in Iceland 2. I love a good suit 3. The amazing Bobbi Brown 4. Wanderlust in Japan 5. I am so excited for the Sinnerlig collection from Ikea 6. This looks sooo good.

Hello, hello, and welcome to another Sunday. After a week on holiday, including three days in Amsterdam it's nearly time to go back to work.This is mine and James' first holiday abroad together since 2010, when we went to Barcelona.  Since then I have been to Paris with Reda, and to a few places with work (Rotterdam, Frankfurt, Bangalore and Mumbai) but that is it. 

It's weird because at least in Europe where everywhere is fairly close by and you get decent time off from work there is an assumption that you will always travel when you are on holiday. A combination of factors - saving for the house, buying the house and needing to renovate, James going back to University, meant we prioritised other things over holidays over the past five years, and of course whenever we took a week off people's first question is always 'where are you going?' and to say we were just going to stay at home and explore London, (or more likely do DIY and the jobs we never get around to in the work week!) was a pretty unexpected/disappointing answer!

I have to say though I absolutely love taking time off to just be at home. I am a total homebody at heart and I also love just taking time to do things in London while everyone else is at work. But having said that I also feel like there are so many places out there I want to see and experience. Amsterdam for one was an amazing city, and practically on our doorstep (proper posts on our trip coming soon!) and I feel like now we have a bit more disposable income I really want to put my explorer hat and visit a few more places. On my hit list are Iceland, New York, Japan, Croatia, Greece and that's just off the top of my head! Life is definitely too short to stay at home all the time!


Maria Fallon said...

I know what you mean about not travelling too far, I am a complete homebody and sometimes somewhere familiar is more relaxing!

Maria xxx

char said...

Sometimes I really love the idea of taking some days off just to catch up on local things, and to get some of the projects I want to do out of the way.