Thursday, 29 October 2015

Bathroom Renovation - The Before


This week work on our long awaited and saved for bathroom renovation finally started. We've owned our house for just over two years now, and while we have lived with the bathroom okay for those two years its been something I have been itching to change, so I am so excited to finally do it!

The photos above are from when we moved in and nothing much has changed. I think the previous owners must have had a brown suite sometime in the 80s/90s - complete with nymphs(!) and then when they moved out and rented the house, they added in a random shower and sink, without worrying too much about matching anything!

On top of the fact everything is old, ugly and difficult to clean, the plumbing is not great, the shower floods and leaks, and there is no ventilation meaning a constant battle of Harriet vs. The Mould. Not fun.

The vision for the new bathroom is pretty clear from my bathroom pinterest board. A clean modern white suite with white walls, subway tile, and a grey tiled floor. As the bathroom is really big I am excited we'll be able to have a bath and a separate walk in shower - the stuff of dreams!

We are lucky enough that James' cousin is a bathroom fitter, so he and James' dad are doing the work for us which I am really pleased about. It's just nice knowing someone who actually cares about the house and us is doing the work, so we know there won't be any corners cut. We have moved out to my parents' house in the meantime, for the three weeks or so the work will take, so it's ended up being a proper family affair - with pretty much everyone involved in some way! I am so excited to have it done, but I am quite glad we are able to escape the dirt and the mess while it is going on, and we can just come back to a beautiful finished bathroom and hopefully avoid seeing everything in its destroyed state!


char said...

Ooh, how exciting that it will all be done for you to move back into. I sort of love your current monochrome tiles.

Matthew Pike said...

I reckon that's quite a unique bathroom to be starting with, it's quite a find and looks in mint condition.

Buckets & Spades

Maria Fallon said...

This is so exciting, can't wait to see what you do with it!

Maria xxx