Monday, 19 October 2015

Bobbi Brown Long-wear Even Finish Foundation Review


I ran out of foundation a few weeks ago when I was in Bristol for a wedding (well, actually, I discovered mould in my old foundation - serious ick! It wasn't even that old... only a few months!) so I had to make a dash into House of Fraser to pick up a new one and ended up going back to an old favourite - the Bobbi Brown Long-wear Even Finish Foundation.

I used this for a while maybe two years ago, and going back to it I can't remember why I ever stopped! The colour is a great match for me (I have the shade porcelain which used to be the palest they did, but they have since made an even paler one) and I love the consistency. Just a small pump is enough to give thin but even coverage, and you can easily build it up if you want more. I'm definitely going back to this one full time!

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Juliet said...

Wow, I did not even know foundation could go mouldy! Going to have give this one a go now at some point...and be very vigilant with my older ones!