Sunday, 15 November 2015

A picture of the week


The bathroom is done and we are back at home. Hurrah! We spent most of yesterday frantically cleaning as my friend Kate is bringing her little baby boy over for lunch today, and it was decidedly not baby friendly here at Casa Harriet. 

We still have a fair bit to do but as long as you ignore the piles of cardboard awaiting removal, the spare paint and tiles stacked in the corner and the skip outside it's all good. The bathroom is just perfect so it's all worth it anyway. I had my first bath last night and it was just heavenly. Photos to come soon! Of the bathroom, not me in the bath obv. This is not that sort of blog!

After three weeks away it was just nice to be back in our own home. Living in a semi-work in progress can get a bit depressing at times as I just notice the things that aren't done, not the progress we've made. Coming home after a break has definitely made me appreciate the house as it is more, as well as giving me the itch to get on and make progress on some of the other areas. Hopefully 2016 will be the year of the Kitchen, as well as the year of the get-all-the-little-projects-done-which-I've-been-putting-off!

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