Thursday, 12 November 2015

Bathroom Progress


It's not been the ideal blogging situation with my house covered in dust and living out of suitcases at my parents for the past three weeks, but I just wanted to pop in and show you a few photos of the progress so far! We should be all done and ready to move back home this weekend (these were taken last Saturday), but tbh most of the big stuff was done by last weekend and the remaining stuff is mainly cosmetic - fit the shower, tile the floor, add a door to the boiler cupboard, plumb in the sink (ok, maybe that one is not just cosmetic!) The point is it's the home straight now!

It's so weird having only really ever seen the choices we made in a showroom, or a catalogue, now seeing them in real life in my house. It's such a lot of money, yet you just have to pick something and hope it works out! Thus far I am super happy with everything (phew!) The hardest decision was probably the grouting for the tile. I know dark grout and light tile is having a bit of a moment right now, and I was worried it would be a trend that I would grow out of, but I love how it has worked out. You probably can't tell in these photos but the grout is actually a mid-grey rather than black, and in real life it gives a softer look, but it isn't so light that it just looks dirty!

I went a bit nuts in John Lewis last weekend and bought a load of new bits for the bathroom too - new towels, a toothbrush holder, etc. Not stuff I strictly needed, but somehow my old mismatched university towels that didn't bother me in the old bathroom just don't look right in my pretty new one! I have a bad habit in the house of doing 90% of the work in any one room but never quite finishing it off (I still haven't tiled the hearth in the bedroom or put up any shelves in the living room!) and I want to be able to say '100% done!' on this room.


Juliet Tweedie said...

It looks so good! I've (unexpectedly) had to redo my bathroom, am just about to order things and I feel so nervous - can't picture how it will actually look in the space. Eep.

Matthew Pike said...

it's coming along. The subway tiles look spot on.

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