Monday, 23 November 2015

Muji Tottenham Court Road


A trip to Muji usually has me ready to both move in and organise all my drawers into neatly divided acrylic containers. Last week's trip to the Tottenham Court Road store to see the new skincare range was no exception. I definitely need to go back and actually try the skincare, as it looked right up my street, but I got way too carried away with Christmas scented candles and bathroom storage. My new bathroom cabinet is going to be the most organised thing ever. And then I'm going to spend the next few months getting annoyed with James when he puts stuff back in the wrong place and he's going to spend the next few months getting annoyed with me because he can't find anything. At least we are predicatable!

I am also obsessed with their touch screen gloves. Not enough shops make them, and they are awesome. I wouldn't go back to regular gloves now, and risk getting cold fingers while I wait for my train to work each morning. Or I could not spend every waking moment playing on my phone, but that is never going to happen.

Thank you Muji for having me, offering me sushi and a sneaky blogger discount too. Much obliged!

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Matthew Pike said...

I was there just last week actually. I do wish they still did those ace mixed yarn socks they did a while back.

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