Monday, 7 December 2015

1970s Retro Plates


I mentioned last week that James and I went to the East London Furniture Flea. We did see a chest of drawers we quite liked but the shipping was pricey without a car to take it home so we ended up leaving it behind. Not one to ever come away empty handed though I did pick up these (slightly more portable) 1970s cow plates. The stamp on the back says they are from the 'Beefeater' steak and grill set by English Ironstone Pottery Ltd, and I love them! 

I think the cows are awesome, and I love the idea of using them for serving nibbles or biscuits or similar and thinking they are ordinary white plates until you pick up a piece of food and see the cow's face looking up at you!

The good thing about having a thing for midcentury furniture is that everything was mass produced by then so although I was sad to leave behind the chest of drawers, I know I'll easily be able to find something similar to it.


laura said...

These are insanely awesome! x

Matthew Pike said...

I love these. Someone needs to put them in production again so I can buy some!

Buckets & Spades

Maria Fallon said...

These are AMAZING, I LOVE the cows!

Maria xxx