Sunday, 6 December 2015

A picture of the week


The other week I went shopping with my mum and managed to spend four hours and only come back with this fluffy bag pompom from Zara. I love the colour as it's not super bright and in your face, and its been through the rain a few times since and still looking in pretty good nick.

This weekend we went back to Oxford for a 1940s themed 30th birthday party - which was awesome! I thought it was a good theme as you can go all out or keep it relatively simple but still feel like you've made an effort. James went with a proper costume and went as Pike from Dad's Army and I wore 40s-ish dress from ASOS and my best attempt at Victory Rolls.

Best of the Week: Despite a busy week at work it's still been a pretty sociable week - Pho with Reda on Tuesday, Work Christmas Party on Friday where I didn't know many people but I totally mingled and made new friends, and the aforementioned party yesterday.

Worst of the Week: Things breaking. One of my cats took a nap on my laptop and has somehow managed to change all the settings and I can't change them back, my wireless mouse has died and my headphones broke. Not a good week for electronics!

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Lily Lipstick said...

Love this bag - the pom pom is so cute! Oh dear about your cat sleeping on your laptop - point to note if I ever become a cat-owner (hopefully one day!) x