Sunday, 20 December 2015

A picture of the week


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... In case you were concerned about my hunt for a Christmas tree last week you can see I managed to find one! Unfortunately B&Q had sold out of most of the small ones, and only had 7 footers left, but we managed to nab this display model, a modest 5 foot for a discount. The only downside - no box so we walked home with me carrying two bags of bristles and James with the trunk (stalk?) under his arm! I also made a rookie error and bought 48 unthreaded baubles, which we then had to thread with miniscule gold thread.

James managed about eight and I did the other 40 - not a fair division of labour if you ask me, and the air pretty much turned blue as we swore at the stupid balls! They look so pretty now though, I've gotten over it! Mostly.

Best of the week: Finally finishing my Christmas shopping yesterday. Major relief. I may buy something little more for my sister if I see something, but other than that we are done. Only downside is as we are staying with James' parents for Christmas we now need to cart everything down to Oxford next week.

Worst of the week: I hate how dark and gloomy it is at the moment. It really gets me down, just in how little daylight I see, plus I'm really unhappy with how my blog photos are coming out. I have a window of just a few hours on a weekend morning to take them, otherwise it's just too dark, and even then they don't come out as I want them to. My camera is a good little workhorse but she's quite old now and the sensor is definitely not top of the range, I am considering either replacing the body in the future or investing in some cheap studio lights so I can improve my photos a bit.


laura said...

I can't stand the dark and gloomy weather- I don't even have a Christmas tree to cheer me up yet! x

Maria said...

Your tree is cute, gold is definitely my colour at the moment.