Sunday, 13 December 2015

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1. Models lounging 2. I'm not usually one for super girly decor, but this wallpaper gives me heart-eyes 3. A look inside Chloe Perrin's apartment and wardrobe 4. Christmas decoration ideas from ikea 5. The cutest mini cakes 6. The sweater tuck. It's totally a thing.

After a month or so of saying I didn't want a Christmas tree for many sensible reasons (cats, we're not going to be here for actual Christmas day, effort as we don't have a car to transport it, fake ones don't look as good but real ones are messy, cats again...) I have now last minute (in Christmas tree terms anyway) changed my mind and decided I need one in my life, so tomorrow's mission is to go find a small artificial tree. 

I am not sure whether to embrace the fake and go with a crazy colourful one or try and find a real-ish looking one that isn't too expensive, along with some pine-scent-in-a-can. Our house is only small so I don't want a massive one, In my head it will look lovely and tasteful like the first tree in this post from My Scantinavian Home, but I suspect the reality will not be quite so elegant!

I think there is a place for a certain amount of tackyness at Christmas though, and as long as the cats don't cause utter carnage I will be happy! 

Best of the week: As I changed jobs in October I haven't accrued much leave and so I am taking most of it at Christmas, but Friday was my one day off before the 23rd! It was lovely, I went to Westfield, got my hair did, did some Christmas shopping, and probably too much me-shopping, and ate a Christmas panini.

Worst of the week: The Christmas panini was just ok. It has made me decide I can probably make a better Panini in my sandwich toaster though, so the great Christmas Panini Challenge is on!

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