Monday, 18 January 2016

2016 House Project List

We're slowly ticking the big things off the list in the house, but there are still a ton of smaller projects along side these which I want to get sorted this year. The below list is probably a bit too ambitious, but hopefully it will keep me focused and if I get 70% of this done in 2016 I'll be pretty happy!

1. New blinds and hem curtains


The blinds in our house were inherited from the previous owners and have sat through all our dirty demo work, so they are not in the best condition. We've mostly just hoovered them and hoped for the best so far but as we are getting towards the end of the really dirty work in the house I really want to replace them this year. Our windows are really big, so I think we will need to get custom blinds made up, which is a pain but at least I can then get exactly what I want. At the moment they are black out blinds in all rooms but I want to get something a little translucent so we can have privacy while still getting some light in.

In addition I have been saying for ages (about two years) I am going to learn to use a sewing machine and hem the curtains in the bedroom, as we bought them for our old flat which had much higher ceilings, and we currently have about two foot of material on the floor. I may cave and just take them to our dry cleaners to shorten, but it seems like something which would be so easy to do myself I slightly begrudge spending the money, especially as the curtains are only cheap ones from Ikea.

2. Pave the garden and get rid of the lamps


We worked a lot on the garden last year, and I want to finish it off by covering the bare concrete with paving, and finally ditch the redundant lamps we have at the back.  I'm itching to fill the garden up with more plants, and get a barbecue, but there isn't much point getting more heavy pots which we will just have to move when we come to lay the paving until it's done. The other reason for getting the garden paving done this year is the only way to get to the garden is through the house which brings me on to project three...

3. The Kitchen


2016 is hopefully going to be the year of the kitchen! Not much has changed in the kitchen since we moved in, although we have fixed that hole in the ceiling, and while I'm glad we lived with it for a bit as that has really helped me decide what I want in a kitchen, the time has come to finally do away with the dingy old kitchen forever. It's a big project as we also have to deal with the rising damp problem in the back wall and replace a section of the roof which is flat and in major need of repair, but hopefully this is the year.

4. Tackle the damp generally.

I won't show you any pictures as it's not particularly exciting, but our house really suffers from damp, and this year I want to say good bye to it permanently. We already had the rising damp in the living room professionally dealt with, but we also have patches in our bedroom and the back wall in the kitchen to blitz, as well as a condensation problem in the spare room. Home ownership - glamorous it ain't! 

5. Tile the bedroom hearth


Two years ago I said I was going to learn to tile and then tile the bedroom hearth myself. Two years later this is not a thing I have done. We have some offcuts and spare tiles from the bathroom which I want to use in the bedroom hearth so this is the year I am finally going to get this done.

6. Add bookshelves and picture rails to the living room


When we do the kitchen my plan is to lose the bookshelves we have in there in favour of a pantry, so I really need to get on with building some bookshelves in the living room. I want to get maybe 3-4 shelves in this little alcove in the far corner of the living room, and also put some of those ikea picture rails everyone in the world seems to have over the top of my pc so I can display a rotating gallery of vinyl cover art and pictures and knick-knacks. 

I am also considering changing the paint colour on this wall, as I have gone off the green. You wouldn't know but these photos were taken mid-morning (in January, but still) because this end of the room is just so dark. The green colour is pretty dark itself which doesn't help, I'm also not sure it really goes with the rest of the room. If we are going to end up moving everything to put up the shelves anyway it seems like as good a time as any to repaint. I am condsidering a turqoise-y azure blue, what do you think?


Anna Hughes said...

Good luck with getting everything done! My main aim around the house is to organise it properly, and buy some new shoe storage as well as some things for my sons room.

Anna - Annas Reflection

HazelxJoy said...

I started to write a home list too but it got to long and very scary. So I picked one room and wrote a list, once that's finished I'll pick another room...
Good luck with it all, it seems never ending doesn't it?

Joanna. said...

Excellent list! We had a short list that we wanted done before Christmas and we got the majority done, but the garden is the thing we're going to have to really work on this year. It's a well planted, but totally overgrown mess. A bit of order, and a nicely laid patio wouldn't go amiss.

Matthew Pike said...

How will you tackle the outside lamps? Seems like a biggy.

Buckets & Spades