Sunday, 31 January 2016

A picture of the week


I'm not great at the countryside - I get freaked out when I don't have signal, and I don't really like mud, but on a day like yesterday I was ready to give up city life and move to a small holding and live off the land, because with a view like that, who wouldn't?

I exaggerate, but still, what a slice of Home Counties perfection! I went for a walk in Cobham with my family on Saturday, about a half hour drive from where I live and just passed Bluewater shopping centre (convenient!) on the motorway. The weather was gorgeous, crisp and cold but sunny, and I am pretty sure I annoyed everyone, apart from my mother who is very forgiving, by stopping every few minutes to take a photo and exclaim 'Isn't this just the most beautiful view you have ever seen?!' Add to this I was in borrowed wellies a size too big and it made for a very slow walk!

Best of the week: comfort food. Eating jacket potatoes with beans and cheese and drinking hot vimto - the food of my childhood.

Worst of the week: How is it still January?! I feel so ready for a holiday but we're only one month in to the year! I had a sneaky day off on Friday to give myself a long weekend - partly because I had a few bits of volunteering to do, but partly because I just really wanted a day off! I don't want to wish the year away, but still, we must be due a bank holiday or something at least?!

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