Thursday, 28 January 2016

Fitbit Flex Review


In a typical fit of January enthusiasm I purchased a fitbit flex at the start of the month, and now I have been wearing it for about two weeks it seemed like a good time to do a first impressions review. 

My reason for getting one is that I really want to make a lifestyle change and do more exercise, rather than keep on taking somethng up, getting bored of it and going back to my sedentry ways. I am quite motivated by data and wanting to 'beat' a target, or beat myself, and so I thought the fitbit's ability to set challenges for myself would work well to motivate me, and while it may not encourage me to do any real heart rate increasing exercise, if it encourages me to move and walk more in my everyday life, it couldn't be a bad thing.

The fitbit flex is basically a fancy pedometer, which also tracks your sleep. You wear it on your wrist day and night (not in the bath though!) and it syncs to an app on your phone or computer and records your steps, activity and sleep patterns. You can get some fitbits which display info on the actual devide but the flex doesn't, so you check everything on the app. This works fine for me because I am surgically attached to my phone anyway, and helps prolong the battery life (off the fitbit, not my phone though, which is dire). I am currently charging my fitbit about once a week, for maybe an hour or two and that seems to be plenty to keep it going.

Although it has only been two weeks I am definitely finding it motivating. I have gone out for extra walks during the day when I have been concerned I wouldn't make my 10,000 steps goal, and a few times when I am nearly there you will have found me walking up and down the stairs in our house to get me over the top! I have seen a bit of weight loss since I started wearing it, which wasn't my intention but a not unwelcome side effect, and as I have eaten very normally these past few weeks, inclusding take away pizza last Friday and a couple of nights out at the pub, I put that down to the fitbit effect.

The only downside is my 'going for a walk' usually takes me to the shops so I have probably spent more money than I should have thanks to the fitbit! 

I appreciate I could have just got a cheap pedometer, which would have given me the same data, but I do love the app integration and all the charts and trophys, and I find the wristband a really comfortable easy way to wear it, so I am pleased I splashed out on the fitbit. Given it has only been a couple of weeks I will be interested to see whether I continue to be motivated to walk more by the fitbit, or if the novelty will wear off, but so far I like it a lot.


char said...

I had high hopes for the Flex, but I had so many issues - I had two replacements as every one stopped connecting when it was plugged in to charge or download, within three months, so I gave up on it really. Hopefully I just had a bad batch or something. I did enjoy the idea of challenging myself to motivate myself to do more, but I spend so much time at the gym that I wonder if something like a Polar Loop which would connect to a HRM would help.

Lily Lipstick said...

So many of my friends wear these - I'm starting to feel left out! I've been counting steps in my iPhone 6 as I walk a lot and it's nice to have some evidence for all of it! x