Thursday, 14 January 2016

New Bedding from Habitat


The first set of 'grown up' bedding I ever bought was a luxurious white waffle-pattern duvet and pillowcase set from John Lewis, and I swiftly learnt when we brought home two black, highly fluffy,  highly excitable kittens, who (guess what?) love to scratch, that this beautiful bedding was not for me.

I finally binned it before Christmas when the pulls in the fabric and the constant need to pick fluff off the bed got too much, and I've been hunting for new bedding to replace it with ever since. While I haven't quite given up my love of crisp white bedding altogether, I do now know that if I want to preserve my sanity I need to cat-proof sheets.

What I've found works best for me is something untextured, so there is nothing to scratch, with a printed pattern, preferably grey so it matches the cats! This geometric printed set from Habitat has been calling to me for a while, and as it was in the sale, along with the monochrome bedspread, I figured that was enough of an excuse to make the purchase. So far I am a big fan - it's crumple free, and has got the cats' seal of approval (they've been sleeping on it all day) too. Also pictured - my first read of the year - You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) by Felicia Day, which is excellent.


Joanna. said...

I got around the cat vs bedding issue by getting a throw for the end of the bed. It's textured and cosy and the cats love it so prefer to sleep and scratch about on that rather than my crisp, grown up white sheets... although, now I've said that I'll probably find that one of them has relocated to my pillow. Bloody cats! (Wouldn't be without them though) Love the pattern idea to cover any stray fluff from them!

Matthew Pike said...

On man that's not good at all. I'll count ourselves lucky with our cat.

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