Monday, 11 January 2016

New Year New You?


James had Saturday off work so we pottered up to Borough Market and Maltby Street Market for a lunch and a wander round. We started at Maltby Street and then headed to Borouh but in retrospect it would have been better to do it the other way around. Borough is better for produce to take away, whereas Maltby is more about food to consume there and then.

I've been feeling a bit uninspired lately, and I am trying to force myself out and about to actually go and do things, and resist my instinct to sit at home and play computer games and stroke my cats all day. 

Normally I am such a sucker for the New Year buzz, I always have a lot of get up and go and inspiration for blogging and life generally. I make a ton of resolutions and usually stick to them til at least mid February (although I always fail dry January!) 

For some reason this year I am just not feeling it though. 

I find my blog is better when I plan fun things to do first, and think about photographing and writing about them second. I love the feeling of getting really excited to share something on the blog, rather than sitting at my computer on a Sunday afternoon thinking 'what on earth am I going to write about this week?'

I started blogging in 2008, which is seven years ago now, and it's changed a lot, and I've changed a lot since then. I have read a lot of new year blog posts and twitter comments from people who want to try and get back the fun feeling that came from blogging back in the early days, before everyone became semi-professional photographers (or hired them) and blogging was a business not a hobby. For me I think it's not so much that I want to rekindle my love of blogging, as I want to rekindle my love of taking photographs and sharing them online. At the moment I get a lot more fun out of sharing something on instagram than I get from blogging, because I don't tend to think about it so much, I just see something I like, take a photo and share.

I am not really sure what the answer is. Is it to stop putting pressure on myself to blog three times a week, and just blog when I have something worth sharing, or is it to go the other way and get better at planning and photographing fun things so I always have something I feel like sharing? Should I take a blog break and see if that re-energises me to get back into it, or force myself to push through the bloggers-block. Forcing myself to keep blogging is my usual approach, as I feel like if I stop for too long the effort to get started again will be too much and I will just abandon it altogether. Seven years of blogging is a long time and I don't want to throw the towel in on a whim, but at the same time I am just not getting out of it what I used to, and to use a cliche, I do blog for me, so there is no point if I am not enjoying it.

This isn't really a decision or anything, just random musings on what I am feeling at the moment. Any advice or thoughts from anyone going/who has gone through the same thoughts definitely welcome!


Reda said...

I'd really, really miss it if you did go on a break. I think planning fun stuff for the purposes of perhaps blogging it has the extra benefit of doing more fun stuff, but maybe you can reduce the number of posts a week if it feels too much like a chore? Sorry you're feeling a bit meh about the New Year. I never make resolutions but you're such a resolution person it's strange you're not making any! Big love xx

Maria Fallon said...

I miss you when you haven't posted but I totally get the down in the dumps feeling too. I guess this year I am just trying to be more in the moment rather than worrying about what could happen!

Maria xxx

Matthew Pike said...

If you see more fun in sharing photos on Instagram then maybe concentrate on that until some ideas pop into your head. When you bake something, or go somewhere then you'll be snapping, so that might be more intersting for the blog?

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